for string quartet (also in string orchestra version, 2001). 11’ ca.
Edited by Mnemes – Alfieri & Ranieri Publishing .

for string quartet
(2001). 20’ ca.
Edited by Mnemes – Alfieri & Ranieri Publishing


for cello and piano (2002). 7’ ca.
Edited by Mnemes – Alfieri & Ranieri Publishing

for C (or B) Trumpet and piano (2003)
dur. 11 min.

“O sino”
for female voice (mezzosopr.) and percussion
(marimba, vibraphone, etc)
Text by Fernando Pessoa

for piano, violin and flute (2004)
commissioned by Trio Albatros.
I. Ancestor's Dance
II. Hamada
III. Colibrì dance
(dur. around 15 min. )

Deux scènes populaires
for soprano sax, tenor sax and piano (2005)
I. Berceuse
II. Mistral
(dur. around 15 min.)
Gérard Billaudot Éditeur - Paris

Four piano pieces
I. Prelude
II. Invenzione

II. Egloga

IV. Dance

Variations champêtres
for musette baroque, violin and viola (2007)
commissioned by Trio Madaram.
(dur. 7 min. ca.)

Canto di Shkoutimeou
for solo violin (2008).
Dedicated to Laura Andriani

Petit portrait
for alto saxophone and piano (2008).
(dur. 2 min. 30")
Gérard Billaudot Éditeur - Paris

for F Horn, violin and piano (2009).
(dur. 12 min. ca.)
RAI TRADE Music Publishing

Saxophone quartet n.1
(dur. 21 min ca.) for sax S, A, T, B
RAI TRADE Music Publishing

Quattro riflessi
(four reflections) for violin, cello and piano (2010)
(dur. 12 min.)

commissioned by Trio Wilbaux (Canada)
RAI TRADE Music Publishing

for mandolin and e guitar (2010)
dur. 9 min.
commissioned by duo Fabio Gallucci - Antonio Pilato

for concertina, flute, piano and cello (2011).
Dur. 7 min.

Concertino d'aprile
for flute, guitar and string quartet (2011)
dur. 20 min.
commissioned by duo Costanza Savarese & Andrea Oliva

String quartet n. 1 "Griko"
commissioned by Alcan String Quartet(2011)
dur. 24 min.
RAI TRADE Music Publishing

Sonata n. 1 for Alto Saxophone and Piano
dur.22 min. (2012)

Sonatina mediterranea
for C Trumpet and piano (2013)
dur. 13 min

Ritratto di Kore (Portrait of a Kore)
for violin, doublebass and piano.
commissioned by Strings and Hammers trio
dur. 10 min. ar. (2014)

Variazioni e Danze
for two violins, cello and doublebass
commissioned by the quartet
dur. 12 min. ar. (2014)

Concertino d'estate
(Summer concertino) For alto saxophone and string quartet (2014).
dedicated to Pier Paolo Iacopini
Dur. 25 min..

Tre movimenti
(Three movements) for four hands piano
dur. 12 min.

Quaderno d'autunno
(Fall notebook, Cahier d'automne)
quintet for piano and 4 cellos
dedicated to Fernando Rossano and Cell'Opera cello quartet
lenght. 23 min. ar.

Three songs for baritone and piano
on a poems by Franco Carlo Ricci

Duo - Fantasia
for Tenor Saxophone and Sib Clarinet

Fantasia ricercata
for solo guitar
RAI COM Music Publishing

Tre acquerelli sabini
f(Three savinian watercolors)

Fontäne Musik
for alto saxophone solo

Intonazione e saltarello
for guitar and piano

Piccola musica per una nuova casa
(Little music for a new house)
for guitar

Sonata n. 2 for Alto Saxophone and piano
"Quasi una fantasia"
lenght.15 min. ca (2018)

for solo mandolin (2019)
lenght. 10 min ar.


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